2024 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course in Synthetic Biology.

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course in Synthetic Biology. We encourage you to share this with anyone in your network if they are …

  • A scientist whose training is well underway (senior graduate student to junior faculty and beyond) and
  • Interested in steering your research in a new direction, towards synthetic biology, or
  • Interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to biology and bioengineering, or
  • Already working in the field of synthetic biology and interested in new techniques.
  • We encourage students of all backgrounds, whether very biological or very theoretical, to apply!

Course dates: July 23 – August 6, 2024

Since the course began in 2013, industry professionals, graduate students, postdocs, science educators, and junior faculty have completed our immersive two-week laboratory class. The Course will focus on how the complexity of biological systems, combined with traditional engineering approaches, results in the emergence of new design principles for synthetic biology. Students will work in teams to learn the practical and theoretical underpinnings of cutting-edge research in the area of Synthetic Biology. In addition, students will gain a broad overview of current applications of synthetic biology by interacting with a panel of internationally recognized speakers from academia and industry during seminars, lab work, and social activities.

Deadline: March 31st, 2024

Application submission portal: https://meetings.cshl.edu/courses.aspx?course=C-SYNBIO&year=24 (click the “application” tab)

Statement: In addition to describing your background, why you are interested in synthetic biology, and what you hope to gain from the course, please also rank the following four course modules in order of preference (1 = highest, 4 = lowest): Using Cell-Free Transcription-Translation (TXTL); Gene Regulation Technologies (epigenetic engineering); Computational Modeling of Gene Circuits; DNA Assembly – Traditional, Gibson, and MoClo

Recommendation letters: Two reference letters are required. Please plan enough time to obtain these letters. The applicant may send requests to their references through the portal, or the applicant may obtain the letters and upload them directly.

Financial Aid Request: Several stipend awards are available for applicants who are accepted into the course: https://meetings.cshl.edu/courses.aspx?course=C-SYNBIO&year=24

In order to be considered for an award, you must specifically reference and explain which one you are eligible for in the Financial Aid Request section of your application.

Notifications: Applicants can expect to receive a selection notification no later than May 1, 2024.

Instructors: Karmella Haynes, Christian Cuba Samaniego, Vincent Noireaux, Eric Young.
TAs: Aset, Eiji, Ignacio, Kierra, Zekun.

Click here for flyer.

University of Virginia – Microbiology

The University of Virginia invites applications for multiple tenure-track Assistant Professor appointments in Microbiology and/or Infectious Disease in the highly interdisciplinary Department of Biology. We seek applicants whose research addresses fundamental problems in microbiology, infectious agents broadly defined, and/or host-microbial interactions. The successful applicants will complement or broaden existing strengths within the Department and are expected to establish a rigorous, independent, and externally funded research program and to teach at undergraduate and graduate levels. We seek to recruit faculty from diverse backgrounds who value diversity and are passionate about having a positive impact on society and the world. Please reach out to Jennifer Guler at idmicrosearch@virginia.edu with questions or apply here: apply.interfolio.com/130419

Virginia Statewide Life Science Internship Program

STEM2VA is a ten week, full-time, paid summer program to connect interested students to opportunities within the private sector. We accept undergraduates and graduate students who are Virginia residents and nonresidents enrolled in a Virginia institution.

Welcome to STEM2VA! This program will allow interested life science majors to participate in an intense and exciting Summer internship opportunity. STEM2VA will match Virginia-based students at a 2 or 4+ year degree-awarding institution with enriching experiences in the life science industry. Click here, for details.

More Jobs & Opportunities

Travel Awards Available to Promote Research or Education Collaborations

Awards of up to $500 are available to registered network members for travel within the Mid-Atlantic region that has the purpose of catalyzing interactions among network participants and between networks. Considered will be travel for i) creating or planning new research collaborations in synthetic biology; ii) promoting the evolution or expansion of Mid-Atlantic Synthetic Biology Network; iii) promoting participation of students, trainees, early-career investigators, and under-represented individuals in STEM, in synthetic biology research; iv) facilitating workforce development in synthetic biology; or v) facilitating outreach to stakeholders and the public in regards to synthetic biology. To apply, e-mail Keith Kozminski (kkoz@virginia.edu) a request that includes the name and institutional affiliation of the traveler, date(s) of travel, destination, name(s) and institutional affiliation of potential collaborator(s), and a very brief budget and description of how the collaboration promotes or utilizes synthetic biology. Funds must be used within 6 months of award. These awards may not be used for travel to the annual symposium or other network-sponsored meetings or to conduct research. Individuals seeking support for travel to the annual symposium or network-sponsored meetings should refer to the relevant event announcements for specific guidance.

Awards for Theme Meetings

Network funds are available to support one-day, small group theme meetings to identify opportunities to leverage synthetic biology as an efficient modality to monitor, assess, and optimize biological materials that contribute to the utility and resilience of shared agricultural and water-based resources, especially in the Mid-Atlantic region. The primary goal of these meetings is to discern where synthetic biology can generate responsible solutions to current regional challenges that are better than current state-of-the-art and, in particular, solutions that integrate the research of Mid-Atlantic Synthetic Biology Network members. Inquires may be made to kkoz@virginia.edu or any member of the Executive Committee.

Funds Available for Website Development at Academic Institutions

Have you ever thought about creating a website for the synthetic biology community at your college or university? Have you wondered how to pay for it? MASBN has a limited number of website development awards of up to $2500 to help you toward that goal. Applications for these awards will be considered by the MASBN Executive Committee quarterly, as funds remain available.  If interested, please e-mail to Keith Kozminski (kkoz@virginia.edu) a request for funding, as a pdf, that includes the following information: Institution, name and contact information of the faculty member responsible for the development of the site, description of who will be developing the site, description of the anticipated content of the site, the target date for bringing the site online (must be within one year of receiving funding), and amount of funding requested with a budget justification.   Please submit applications on either  December 1, March 1, June 1, or September 1 for funding in the subsequent calendar quarter.  Applicants must join the network before submitting an application.