3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Synthetic Biology Symposium • December 1-2, 2022
Keynote Speaker: Bill Bentley, University of Maryland
Sessions: Computational & Cell Design, Biosynthesis, and Cell Engineering & Sensors


2022 Symposium Schedule
Times: Starting Dec. 1st @ 2:30pm and ending Dec. 2nd @ 3:30pm
Location: Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA

Registration is closed!


Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center: $214/night. Click here, for hotel room block. (expires 11/11/2022)
Hampton Inn: $179/night  Click here, for hotel room block.

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2022 Symposium Schedule

Thursday, December 1, 2022
2:00 PM Registration open
3:00 PM Welcome Remarks: Karmella Haynes (Emory) & Mark Styczynski (Georgia Tech)
3:10 PM Memorial for Mark Kester: Keith Kozminski, University of Virginia
Session 1: Computational & Cell Design
Chair: Melissa Kemp, Georgia Tech
3:15 PM Invited speaker: David Ross, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) “Engineering Biology with Large-Scale Measurements and Interpretable Machine Learning”
3:45 PM Invited speaker: Albert Keung, North Carolina State University
“Synthetic Epigenetics: Encoding-Storing-Filtering”
4:15 PM Break
4:30 PM Invited speaker: Joseph Frank, AgroSpheres Inc.
“AgroSpheres: A Future Built by Nature’s Technologies”
5:00 PM Invited speaker: Lingchong You, Duke University
“Predicting and Controlling Gene Transfer in Microbial Communities”
5:30 PM Remarks: Keith Kozminski, MASBN Chair
“Mid-Atlantic Synthetic Biology Network & Opportunities Within”
5:40 PM Break & walk to poster session
6:00 PM Posters & Reception
Friday, December 2, 2022
8:00 AM Registration open
9:00 AM Keynote: Bill Bentley, University of Maryland
Introduced by Corey Wilson, Georgia Tech
   10:00AM Break
Session 2: Biosynthesis
Chair: Mike Timko, University of Virginia
  10:15 AM Invited speaker: Yajun Yan, University of Georgia (UGA)
“Metabolic Engineering Strategies towards Exploiting Synthetic Potential of Microbial Systems”
10:45 AM Invited speaker: Gavin Williams, North Carolina State University (NCSU)
“Synthetic Biology Approach to Terpenes and Polyketides”
11:15 AM Invited speaker: Carrie Eckert, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
“CRISPR-enabled functional genomics in non-model microbes”
11:45 AM Invited speaker: Ed Eisenstein (University of Maryland)
“Engineering Poplar as a Biofuel Feedstock: Not a Simple Walk Among Trees”
12:15 PM Lunch
Session 3: Cell Engineering & Sensors
Chair: Pamela Peralta-Yahya, Georgia Tech
1:15 PM Panel leader: Becky Mackelprang, Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC)“The Bioeconomy in the Mid-Atlantic US”
2:00 PM Invited speaker: Tara Deans, University of Utah
“Utilizing synthetic biology to reprogram cells”
2:30 PM Invited speaker: Carl Denard, University of Florida
“Redefining, repurposing, and reprogramming post-translational modification (PTM) enzymes”
3:00 PM Invited speaker: Lily Cheung, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Characterizing Sugar Transporters with Biosensors and Cheminformatics”
3:30 PM Concluding Remarks
3:45 PM Finis


The Mid-Atlantic Synthetic Biology Network (MASBN) is a diverse and welcoming community of researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in academia, government, and the private sector who share a common interest in synthetic biology and its enabling technologies.

We are found in Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We work in a variety of areas, including but not limited to agricultural and water sustainability, diagnostics, therapeutics, biosecurity and defense, energy, nutrition and food security, information processing, and manufacturing.


Synthetic biology (SynBio) is the practical application of natural sciences, technology, and engineering to facilitate and accelerate the design, modification, and production of living organisms or cellular components that are implementable solutions to regional, national, and global problems, in a bioethical and environmentally-sensitive manner.


Supported by a National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network grant, our goals are to i) capacity map the Mid-Atlantic region to identify synergistic strengths and research complementarities, ii) create strategic research networks, iii) to develop and diversify the STEM workforce with particular regard to synthetic biology, and iv) to develop entrepreneurial opportunities.


You are welcome to visit our website anytime to find the latest updates on opportunities, events, our activities, or other SynBio activities within the region. If you are a researcher, educator, entrepreneur, leader, business, program, or organization, consider joining the network. It’s free. Being a network member enables receipt of e-mails about events and opportunities specific to your interests, enables you to post information on this site relevant to our community, and provides eligibility for network awards. Membership is also an opportunity to maximize your connectivity to others in the network with similar or complementary interests. We especially encourage students and early career researchers to join. Not resident or working within the Mid-Atlantic region? You still may join the network.

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